Time to play some beyond: two souls!!
Today i took lots of photos outside in my new garden but as i have no internet on my laptop yet I cant post them ;;3;;
hey using the term "derp face" or "derpy face" is ableist because basically its split off from "herp derp" and that has been used against people who have down syndrome/disabilities and seeing it be used as a cutesy kind of way is honestly really bad seeing as its origin was used to humiliate/hurt disabled people so could you please stop using it

Ahhh i see! That makes more sence, the reason i say “herp derp” is simply because it rhymes haha xD but after a proper explanation yes i understand now and i will not say “herp derp” :)

derp means 'stupid' internet wise, and since it's usually expressed by making cross eyes and sticking out your tongue, people say it's albiest because it's like saying "people who have cross eyes are stupid"- which is an old ableist stereotype that's been around for a very long time, i think

Well sorry if anyone follows me who know of someone who suffers with this disability, i took the face from the well known singer Kyary Pamyu who is rather well know for this particular face, in my area we tend to associate a derp as a silly derpy face? Now i mean no offence by this image, but I dont intend to stop using the expression as i rather like it, sorry if you dont like it. But yo make it clear i intend no harm with a silly selfie

Hi! i love that wig from Showishes and i was wondering about the quality and it's thickness!

Its one if the best i have honestly, its so soft and thick and omg i love it so so much!!! But i will be doing a proper review soon! :D

When will you be posting another video? I really like your make up tutorials could you do more?

I will be post more once im settled into my new house and have internet access! :D

hey there! i thought id stop by to tell you that saying 'herp derp' is pretty ableist and offensive to disabled people and maybe not a very nice thing to say? im sure you didnt know this but yeah its pretty rude :(

…..its just means a derpy face?
I dont want to sound rude by saying this but if someone is going to get offended by me making a funny face and calling it out then they need get a grip? I really dont see how its offensive at all ;-; nor have i ever had anyone get upset by it and ive said it meany times?

Ahhh i love this wig so so much!! Its grom @showishes btw x3
Herp derp

ミズキ+落書き by ララム

want ♡